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Mediation Services

Workplace Mediation

Work places that encourage hard work, taking initiative, success, and diverse & creative thinking are workplaces with a lot of potential. They are also workplaces that can generate & encounter conflict. Grasslands Mediation will work with management, the HR department (if you have one), and the employees involved to help create constructive communication and working partnerships so that chaotic differences can become creative diversity.

Grasslands Mediation can provide:

·       On-going consultation

·       Mediation of workplace conflicts

·       Training

Work Place Consultation


For an annual retainer, your company/organization will receive up to 10 hours of consultation:

  • An employee in conflict with a fellow employee or supervisor can call us without talking to someone in the organization first.

  • A manager/supervisor can call to ask for advice.

  • Your file will be given priority if and when you engage our services for mediation

Work Place Mediation


When you engage our services to mediate a workplace conflict we will:

  • Get as much background information from the person supervising the people in conflict.

  • Interview the people identified by the supervisor.

    • If your workplace is a union shop, discuss with the employee(s) and union whether or not a union rep should be present in the meetings.

  • Based on the interviews either:

    • Begin the mediation.

    • Contact the supervisor to suggest interviewing others whose names came up in the initial interview.

    • Recommend training for the entire department/workplace.

  • Set up and facilitate the mediation sessions we deem necessary, keeping the supervisor informed.

  • With due regard for the confidential nature of the sessions themselves, provide the company/organization with a report. It may include:

    • Suggestions for training.

    • Advice on supervision is required to make sure parties implement the changes they commit to.

Work Place Training


  • In consultation with you, we will design a training program suitable to your workplace and situation.

  • Training can be offered in modules spread over several weeks or in day-long sessions.

Book a free & confidential consultation.

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