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Mediation Services

Workplace Mediation

Our workplaces are becoming more and more diverse.  That diversity can bring tremendous potential.  However, it can also create conflict. Grasslands Mediation will work with management, the HR department (if you have one), and the employees involved to help create constructive communication and working partnerships so that diversity serves your company rather than hurting it.

The sessions themselves are confidential to the people involved in the meetings.  However, reports—after seeking approval from the participants—will be sent to those who engaged the services of the mediator.

Normally the mediator will meet with the person engaging our services to get as much detail about their perspective on the conflict.  Then the mediator will meet with each of the employees identified. After analyzing the results from those interviews, the mediator will recommend the next steps going forward. This could include mediation sessions with the parties named, further interviews, and more general training for that particular workplace.

If you are part of a union shop, the mediator will discuss with the employees involved and their union rep as to the advisability of having a union present in the mediation.

The company requesting the mediation will be billed monthly.

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