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Mediation Services

Community & Church Mediation

Whether a faith community or a neighbourhood community, we as people live together in ways that require that we not only get along but can work together in ways that nurture good relationships and healthy community.  Whatever the nature of your group, we will help you as a community to develop strategies, create options, and work through disagreements.

With forty years of experience within faith communities—as pastor, congregational chair, institutional CEO, and board chair—Ray Friesen is uniquely positioned to help churches work through conflicts.  These may be conflicts within the community over administrative and building issues or disagreements over faith questions. It may be conflict within a board or conflict between pastor and congregation.  It may involve a congregation experiencing itself increasingly divided into two or more camps. Ray’s experience with churches and his belief in and commitment to the idea that Jesus’ hope was that his church work together in unity, makes him an ideal candidate to help your congregation.  He is also committed to work within your faith tradition without letting his personal beliefs get in the way.

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