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Mediation Services

Victim/Offender Mediation

In Saskatchewan the Justice System has a policy that allows, in certain cases, for the direct involvement of victims in the resolution of the charges against an accused.  Though not necessarily restricted to these matters, the most common charges that may be dealt with in this way are “Theft under $5,000,” “Mischief,” “Mischief under $5,000,” and “Assault.”  Situations are always assessed so as to assure the safety of all parties.

The mediator assigned to your file will meet with the accused (usually in person) and with the victim (in person or by phone) to gain a good understanding of the situation and the interests of the parties involved.  Then the accused and victim will meet with the mediator to talk about what happened, any related issues, and what needs to happen to resolve the matter. Any agreement reached is recorded and signed by both parties.  Only when the accused has satisfied the terms of the agreement are the charges withdrawn.

The role of the mediator is to facilitate the conversation. Decisions about how to deal with the matter are made by the parties involved.  Only when one party or the other seems unreasonable in their demands will the mediator seek to bring about a different resolution.

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