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Mediation Services

Separation & Divorce

In cases of Separation & Divorce Mediation we will help you:

  • Develop a parenting plan

  • Improve your communication as parenting partners

  • Work out property division

In mediation, ex-partners can divide property in ways consistent with Saskatchewan law and the practices of the courts while doing so in a less hostile way.  In drafting parenting plans, it is possible to consider seriously the interests of each of the parents AND of the children to create the most positive potential for the new family arrangement.

In Saskatchewan, all couples who separate are required to participate in an Alternative Dispute Mediation process (with a few exceptions) before proceeding to court. All our mediators are qualified to provide the mandatory Early Family Resolution mediation.

Should I call a mediator first or a lawyer first?

It does not matter. If you call us first, we will encourage you to consult with a lawyer at some point to (1) draft your formal agreement and (2) assure yourself that you have made informed decisions. If you call a lawyer first, they will inform you of the mandatory Early Family Resolution requirement and refer you to a mediator. Your lawyer and your mediator work together to provide you with the best help possible.


Though you proceed with mediation, you are encouraged to engage the services of a lawyer so that you each have independent legal advice. Lawyers are also the best trained and most experienced to write your formal separation agreement.

The Process
1. The Initial Meeting
  • Conduct individual intake interviews (usually 45 minutes to 1.5 hours in length)

  • Conduct a mediation session (up to about 3 hours in length)

  • Write a summary of matters discussed, resolved, and, if any, still remaining to be resolved

  • Send you a copy with a copy to your lawyer

  • Deal with questions and/or concerns arising from the summary and/or session.

  • Provide a certificate of participation in mediation

2. Subsequent Meetings

Depending on the complexity of your situation and/or the levels of disagreement and conflict, your situation may require more than one meeting. We will continue to work with you till (i) all matters are resolved or (ii) you decide to end mediation or (iii) the mediator decides we have provided as much help as we can give. 

Early Family Resolution is mandatory in Saskatchewan because of its benefits, including:
  • matters can be settled in a less adversarial process,

  • costs can be kept down,

  • a foundation can be built, in the case of parenting plans, for better parenting of your children headed into the future.

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