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Mediation Services

Relationship Mediation

Many times we end up in intimate relationships with someone who is significantly different from us. That presents exciting possibilities for adventure and beauty. It can also create a minefield of dangers that can, if not worked with, begin to poison a relationship.


At Grasslands Mediation we have the skills and experience to help you talk about things so that your difference can or can again, add beauty and adventure rather than create pain and separation.

In many intimate relationships, difficulties can develop because of:

  • Poor communication skills

  • Long standing issues that have not been resolved

  • Very different families of origin and therefore vey different understandings of relationship and family

  • Difficult situations around money, parenting, and careers that are tough to work out.

  • People change, your situations in life change, and your dreams may change.  Now what?


When this happens in your relationship, Grasslands Mediation can work with you at all of those matters and other related issues to help turn things around for you and help you develop or re-develop and healthy relationship with healthy communication.


You are encouraged to seek help sooner rather than later, before issues become almost insurmountable. We are not marriage therapists and so in some matters we will refer you to a therapist. In other areas, especially in the areas of communication and helping your diversity work for you rather than against you, we bring some unique skills and experience.

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