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With the growth in diversity in our communities and workplaces, the potential for conflict has also grown.  Diversity can be a great catalyst for creativity and imagination that greatly enhances your business practices, products and services, and profits.


However, the very diversity that produces creativity can also be the differences that create conflict and hurt your business. At Grasslands Mediation we can help turn those chaotic differences into creative diversity.

Contact us to help you design a training program for you situation or choose from one of the following options:

  • From Chaotic Differences to Creative Diversity in the Workplace – This program will help you staff develop ways of understanding each other and the diversity that exists.  They will be given tools so they can make the different opinions and backgrounds work in favour of your company. It includes paying particular attention to the diversity created by immigration and a variety of cultural backgrounds. Normally this would be a two-day course.

  • Creative Conflict Resolution – This is a more general conflict resolution training program. It will help participants explore their own tendencies in responding to conflict, develop skills and tools to respond constructively, and solve problems using and interest-based approach.  This is usually a three-day course, but can be adapted to your situation.

  • Introduction to Mediation – Whether managing a business, being part of a family, living in the community, or wanting to become a consultant, this course will give you the basics of mediation. It will give you skills needed to help other parties hold constructive conversations rather than spiraling downward into anger and hostility.  This is a three-day course.

  • Turning Chaotic Differences into Creative Diversity – this program combines the Conflict Resolution course and the Mediation course into one five-day training program.

  • Negotiating Constructively – Negotiation is a daily part of our lives even though we may never be involved in labour-management disputes or the merging of two businesses. Negotiation skills can also be very helpful in a vary of jobs as staff and managers deal with situations where some kind of agreement of a way forward or a business decision needs to be reached. This course will give you the basic skills and tools to conduct those negotiations in a constructive may. This is normally a two-day course.

All of the above courses can, if desired, be offered in a series of evening or Saturday morning sessions stretched out over a longer period of time. Contact us to see how we can fit into your needs and situation.

Book a free & confidential consultation.

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