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Farm Succession Planning

When it is time to transfer a farm and its assets to the next generation, the decisions may be complex and the conversations within the family difficult. At Grasslands Mediation, we can help you with these conversations, whether they are just beginning or you suspect they are starting to be derailed.  We can conduct individual interviews with each family member and/or groups of family members.  We can facilitate meetings of the family, whether there is little hostility but possible disagreement or when feelings have become escalated.

Sometimes the meetings involved enough people, maybe even including your lawyers and/or accountants, that having someone facilitate the meeting would help move it along in efficient and productive ways.

One of the partners at Grasslands Mediation grew up on a farm, has had ongoing involvement with the farming community and has extensive experience in farm mediation.  We are here to help you with the difficult but necessary conversations involved in Farm Succession Planning.

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