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Mediation is a process where all parties involved in a situation meet with a fair and impartial mediator to discuss issues, explore options, and settle on outcomes with serious consideration for everyone involved. During mediation, everyone has a chance to speak and be heard within a safe and respectful conversation.

The focus of mediation is to determine how the involved parties will live in the present and head into the future. 

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Mediation is a useful tool

for many different situations.

Mediation is a tool for dispute resolution and conducting other conversations that may be difficult in a constructive, respectful environment.



When families separate, it is important that matters be resolved with as little additional heartache and pain as possible, whether it is intimate partners dividing property or parents working out a parenting plan. Mediation creates the opportunity and potential to do so in a creative, respectful and empowering way.

The differences we bring to intimate relationships can create beauty and adventure. They can also, along with differing families of origin and some limitation in communication skills, bring tension and separation. Allow us to help you build or re-build your relationship with the partner you love and who loves you.


Farm succession planning can be difficult. How is everyone treated fairly? How can you include lawyers and accountants in the conversation so as to have all the expertise at the table? What about if hurts have developed and family conversations easily get strained? We will help you have the farm succession conversations that create a positive way into the future.

Commercial Disputes

Whether partnerships that need to be formed or run into trouble or business deals that have gone bad, we can help you deal with the matters and work out the details before you add an extra level of disagreement and anger by going to court.


Whether built around geographical proximity or faith & spirituality, community is important to all of us. Building and maintaining such community can require tough conversations at time. We can help facilitate your community meetings where those discussions need to be conducted. Ray Friesen, having been part of a faith community most of his life and worked as a pastor for 15 years, is uniquely positioned to help faith communities deal with issues that arise.


Diversity and a variety of opinions can greatly enrich the environment and improve the services/products that are provided to the public.  They can also create tension and division. We can help you with mediation and/or training to create a quality workplace for everyone concerned.


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